Tekoa Art Center

Tekoa Art Center

The Tekoa Art Center is a project with over 100 local artists who actively participate in flourishing the art culture with quality local art drawing in visitors from all over the country.

The center offers tours of the local artists’ gallery, various studios, conversation with Netanel Cohen, a local artist that builds an instrument called “Ud” where he delves into the world of musical instruments from the east, art shop and the “Hagiga Nodedet” cafe.

Tours and workshops are offered at the center for groups.

Weekly shows and cultural events at the center.

Waze: מרכז האמנים תקוע

-Tour + Meet Netanel Cohen, the artist that builds Ud instruments – 40 nis/person (minimum 25 participants), over 40 participants-25 nis/person
-Tour+Workshop- Starting at 130 nis/person (minimum 10 people)
-Workshops- Starting at 70 nis/person (minimum 10 people)
-Tours available for smaller groups – call to coordinate and get a quote.
Tours- 45 minutes
Workshops- between 1-2.5 hours

Hours: Sun-Thurs 08:00-16:00

Evening and Friday visits available if coordinated in advance.

Phone: 055-5573348

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: מרכז אמנים תקוע

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