Caryn Yavin’s Gallery

Caryn Yavin’s Gallery

 Caryn’s Gallery showcases a unique exhibition of Oil Paintings by Gush Etzion artist, Caryn Yavin.

“Landscapes of The Soul” is a visual world of stories, an inspirational journey in search of Hashem’s presence through life’s ups and downs.

the beautifully painted narratives have touched the hearts and minds of art critics, Rabbis and people of all ages.

Free entrance and gallery tours.

Originals, prints, posters and postcards of the paintings on sale.

Next to the gallery is the Israel Dog Unit that offers Search and Rescue Dogs’ displays, The Sde Bar Dairy which offers Goats Milk Cheeses and related products, a small petting zoo with a variety of interesting animals and a horse farm.

For further information or to arrange a viewing please call Caryn: 02-5010188 x7

Location: Sde Bar Farm


Phone: 052-786-9017 | 02-5020188 x7

Hours: Must coordinate in advance.

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