Neve Ori Farm

Neve Ori Farm

Neve Uri Farm was founded a few months after the tragic murder of Uri Ansbacher, of Blessed memory.

The farm is just a few kilometers from the site of her murder, in the ridge above Nahal Heletz.
It’s located on a unique strategic point that connects Gush Etzion to Jerusalem, wth Sde Boaz on one side and Mount Gilo on the other.

Apart from the value of a Jewish presence in the region, the farm is located in a beautiful, tranquil spot. Nahal Heletz is located at the ridge of the farm, and is surrounded by orchards, agricultural crops, lookout points, and even ancient burial caves from the Second Temple period.

At the farm we raise a flock of grazing sheep. Pasturing is a very important part of guarding lands from hostile invasions. The farm also hosts a small olive grove.

Location: near the Tunnels Checkpoint.

For directions call Racheli  0556640441

Phone:  Racheli- 0556640441

Hours: Requires prior coordination.

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