Yoel Koskas Photography: Gallery & Photography Workshop

A photographer with a gallery in Tekoa and a store on etsy. Yoel is always looking to capture beauty, emotions and to learn more about himself and his surrounding through his “extra eye”. He instructs photography tour workshops, is an event photographer and specializes in bar/bat mitzvah tours.

Click here to see Yoel’s facebook.

Location: Hamida Hashniya 354, Tekoa

Waze: click here

Gallery in Tekoa:

  • Small art gallery up to 10 people
  • A collection of artistic photographs
  • Impressionist works
  • Handmade wooden and iron frames, canvases, perspex

Group Photography Workshop:

Learn photography skills including how to take proper pictures using your smartphone, how to create a story and express emotion through pictures, how to use various angles, light and shade to enhance your pictures, an introduction to composition, and how tips on how to be creative.

Photography tours of at least 2 hours.

Price: 60 nis/participant

Minimum participants: 10

Maximum participants: 20

Required equipment: Camera or a smartphone with a good camera.

Phone: 052-6040166


Gallery: Sun-Thurs 10:00-13:00 | Must coordinate in advance

Photography workshops: Must coordinate in advance

E-mail: [email protected]

Website:  Yoel Koskas Gallery

Facebook: Yoel Koskas

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