Dubek’s Cave

Dubek’s Cave

Dubek’s Cave is located on the northern slope of Wadi Gan Eden, also known as Wadi Sejma. The cave is named after the late Dov Weinshtok (Dubek), who renovated it.

When Alon Shvut was first settled, Dubek was hired by the Gush Etzion Council to scout the area. In the course of time he became very friendly with the local Arabs and the Beduin living in the Judean Desert. With the help of his Palestinian contacts he bought up lands for the Council and helped settle the area. He was also a member of the local rescue team. On December 2, 1992, his 19 year old son Yitzhak was killed by terrorists near Ramallah, on his way to the army camp in Eli the day before his induction into the IDF. During the shiva (mourning period) Dubek’s Palestinian and Beduin friends came to pay condolence visits. He, in turn, visited their relatives and friends who were killed during the intifada. After the death of Yitzhak Dubek renovated the Ein Sejma spring, together with his son’s friends, naming it Ein Yitzhak. Dubek continued to renovate and restore the wadi area and during the course of his work he came across the cave. Ever since Yitzhak’s death Dubek gathered a group of young boys and girls who worked with him to restore and renovate sites in Gush Etzion. Together with these youngsters, who became known as Dubek’s youth, he renovated the cave, building a fireplace, bringing in a table and sofas, and ensuring that it would be a warm haven for his young friends, who got into the habit of hanging out in the cave. Dubek became an informal mentor to the youth of Gush Etzion. They enjoyed working with him and spending time in his company.

Ela Alterman directed a film, initiated by TV’s Channel One, entitled Dubek, the Palestinian Jew. It told the story of his life, the death of his son, and his work with the youth of the region.

Dubek succumbed to cancer and died in 2007, when he was 60 years old.

Location: Gush Etzion Springs. A few meters away from the Dubek Pool

Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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