Path of the Patriarchs (Derech Haavot)

Length: 2 km

This is the patch our forefathers walked. It was the site of the battle between the Greeks and the Hasmoneans. A mivke (ritual bath) in the area dates back thousands of years. Winding through beautiful scenery, this path was traversed during many exciting historical periods. It is also a testament to the arduous agricultural life of ancient times.

How to get there? Park your vehicle at the Lone Oak and continue on foot northwards for about 200 meters until you see a dirt track on the right leading to the Path of the Patriarchs. Red markers are situated along the length of the trail.

Start by following the fence around Alon Shvut along the dirt track, walking east for about 400 meters until you reach a milestone at the side of the road. Keep going for another 100 meters, then turn left to the mikve, with its stone steps leading down.

The site of the mikve is marked by a canopy. You can see the town of Efrat in the east and Givat HaHish in the south. Keep going north. The settlement of Neve Daniel is some two kilometers distant. Down below is a streambed, and you can enjoy the sight of natural woodlands alongside man-made orchards. On the left is Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim.

Start: Park at the Lone Oak and walk towards Rosh Tzurim. On your left will be a sign for the Path of the Patriarchs.

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הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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