Climbing Routes along the “Cliff of the Patriarchs”

Climbing Routes along the “Cliff of the Patriarchs”

The cliff on the Path of the Patriarchs in Gush Etzion is located between Elazar and Neve Daniel. The cliff opened for climbers in July of 2020, with the support of the Israel Climber’s Association, and funded by the Gush Etzion Tourism Council.

A number of climbing routes have been erected on the cliff by Yehoshua Roth, Shimon Ben-Zaken, and additional members. Some of the routes had various boulder problems and have since been refurbished, many more climbing routes having additionally been created. Today, there stand 46 prominent climbing routes all along the cliff.

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Directions: Turn off Route 60 in the direction of Neve Daniel, and at the second left turn (before the gate to Neve Daniel), turn right on a dirt path signaling towards the Path of the Patriarchs. The cliff will be on your right (west), about 200 meters after the turn. Once you reach the observation point and gift shop, you will reach the site.

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  • The cliff is shaded by sunrise, and sunlight enters at around 12:30 each day.
  • During afternoon hours there is often a pleasant breeze, allowing climbers to climb in direct sunlight, with the exception of the height of summer and especially hot days.
  • The cliff’s maximum height is about 10 meters.
  • Do not approach the cliff’s edge in an unsecured manner to install your top rope – danger of death!
  • Climbers on any cliff must wear a helmet to protect from rocks that may fall.

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