Ceramic Light Fittings – Efrat Shevah

For ten years now Efrat Shevah has been creating ceramic light fittings and wall tiles. All the work is done by hand, from preparing the surface material to connecting and cutting the apertures, forming a light picture that imparts a special ambiance.

Her decorated wall tiles come in various shapes, colors and textures. All her work is fired at extremely high temperatures, resulting in a high quality finish.

You are invited to visit – Book in advance

Location: Bat Ayin

Directions: Drive into the yishuv and continue straight. When you the road splits stay on your left. When you reach the caravans her studio will be on the right side with a sign that says “סטודיו לקרמיקה”



Phone: 054-3088207

Hours: You are welcome to visit with prior coordination.

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הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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