Ruthy Isboutsky – Art and Design Workshops

Ruthy Isboutsky – Art and Design Workshops

Creative workshop: “Just Wow! — Assembled by Ruthy” available to complete in the studio or for TAKE AWAY, to complete in the location of your choice.
Workshops are perfect for the whole family, or for groups of coworkers or organizations, where each participant can paint their very own stencil or sticker.
Each participant may choose which piece he or she wants to paint, and is able to complete the workshop even with no experience in art.
Ruthy, owner of the studio, discovered the magic of art 15 years ago in a workshop, and has not ceased to paint and create since then.
Pricing starts at 40 NIS per participant.

Location: Alonei Mamre 31/2 Neve Daniel

Waze: click here

Phone: 054-4434213

Hours: Must coordinate in advance.

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Ruthy Isboutsky Art and Design Studio

Facebook:  Ruthy Isboutsky

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