Blue Trail – Path of the Patriarchs

Blue Trail – Path of the Patriarchs

Starting point: Biyar Aqueduct

Ending point: Biyar Aqueduct

Route length: 14 km

Color of the trail: blue

— Due to development repairs, the trail is currently not yet ready, you are welcome to ride on one of the other bike trails in the area — 

We will exit from Biyar Aqueduct towards the Path of the Patriarchs. At the purifying Mikveh on the Path of the Patriarchs, we will turn north towards Neve Daniel. We will go around the Neve Daniel settlement from the west via a single bike path, ascend east towards Sde Boaz and descend eastward before reaching the Sde Boaz settlement– towards Route 60. We will ascend Route 60 and ride southbound until the Shayarot Etzion Junction. Turn left/east at the junction towards the city of Efrat, and immediately afterwards, turn right on Givat HaTamar. We will ascend on Givat HaTamar– the northern neighborhood of Efrat — through a dirt path between the vineyards. We will pass through Givat HaTamar. We will descend southbound from Givat HaTamar to Nahal HaPirim and ride from Nahal HaPirim on a dirt path towards the south with agricultural scenery including vineyards and orchards, until reaching the Biyar Aquaduct, where we will finish the ride.

It is recommended to check the availability of the trail – 02-9933863

Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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