Lamed Heh Lookout Point

Lamed Heh Lookout Point

During the War of Independence, the Arab rioters seized Gush Etzion and prevented to ability to supply food, ammunition and other relevant equipment to the kibbutzim in the Judean Mountains. Many convoys attempted to reach Gush Etzion and fell. The Lamed Heh* convoy is a story that without a doubt touched everyone.

In January 1948, 40 Chish and Palmach fighters were on their way to provide supplies for the stranded kibbutzim in Gush Etzion. Just before they headed towards Gush Etzion, they realized that they received a supply of only 38 weapons. As a result, Danny Mass, the convoy’s commander, commanded that two fighters stay behind, despite their sincere desire to continue onwards with the other 38 fighters. As the 38 fighters continued towards Gush Etzion, one of their fighters sprained his leg and had difficulty walking. Danny Mass commanded two of the fighters to accompany him to return and seek medical treatment. Short three additional men, the Lamed Heh, the 35 fighters, continued towards Gush Etzion but never made it. All 35 fighters were ambushed and fell in battle.

The two Lamed Heh  Lookout Points are a great stopping point on the way to the many tourist attractions in Gush Etzion. The lookout points overlook the beautiful view of the Elah Valley and the site of the Lamed Heh’s final battle.  Both lookout points have shade and sitting areas. The eastern lookout point includes a recording that tells the story of the battle and also has an information sign with a QR code to a video that uses tour guides and actors to depict the struggles and dilemmas that the Lamed Heh Convey faced.

*Lamed heh translates to 35 in Hebrew

Address: Lamed Heh Crossing

How to get there:  Located 30 meters south of the Lamed Heh Checkpoint. Recommended to park at the western lookout point.

Waze: click here


Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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