Tzvika Lookout Point

Tzvi Enosh z”l, a man who loved the Land of Israel, was a tour guide and one of the original founders of Bat Ayin. He had the unique ability to take a groundbreaking vision and turn it into a precise reality.

The lookout, dedicated in his memory, shows distances far away yet invites you to tour the local area. It is located above vineyards, ancient terraces and remains of Jewish settlement from the Second Temple Period.  It overlooks Bat Ayin, Beitar Ilit, the Ella Valley, Judean and coastal plains, and beaches all along the coast from Ashkelon to Tel Aviv.

From the lookout, one can enjoy the “Tzvika Trail” which takes you down to Ein Hubela, with the option of continuing towards the enchanting Gush Etzion springs

Location: Just before the entrance to Bat Ayin.

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הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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