Nahal Tekoa

Starting point: Herodium
Ending point: Tekoa
Trail length: 7 km

This stream (nahal) originates in the hills, in the region of Solomon’s Pools. Its first section is called Artas, like the nearby village. As it wends its way eastward towards Herod’s Fortress it goes by the name of Wadi Tauhin (Mill Stream), after the flour mills that were once powered by its waters. This section flows alongside the ancient aqueduct leading to Herodion.

At the foothills of Herodion Nahal Tekoa descends into a 7 km long canyon. It then continues to flow in a south-easterly direction, changing its name several times until it approaches an ancient cliff known as Wadi Murba’at, whose caves have yielded archaeological findings. The last section of the stream, known as nahal Draga, tunnels beneath the towering cliffs, creating a series of beautiful cisterns and waterfalls, before emptying out into the Dead Sea south of Mitzpe Shalem.

Do not attempt to hike Nahal Tekoa unless you are accompanied by an experienced guide.

Starting point: Herodium
Ending point: Tekoa

Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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