Tekoa Forest & the Wadi Pool

Tekoa Forest & the Wadi Pool

The Tekoa Forest, located at the passage strip between the Judean Hills and Judean Desert, serves as an entry gate to Nahal Tekoa Reserve (Wadi Khureitun). A visit and tour of the forest provides a unique experience blending nature, heritage, archaeology and history: a pine grove, monasteries, Israeli deer, a view of Herodium National Park and a continuation of its reserve, and Haritoun Cave. In the forest, you can enjoy a walk along the paths paved by the youth and residents of Tekoa, picnic tables, plenty of shade and a water sabil.

At the entrance of the forest is the ‘Wadi Pool’, a semi-natural ecological wading pool built by the Tekoa and surrounding area’s youth. During the winter, the rainwater that flows down the Tekoa River naturally fills the pool. In the summer months, a “beach shower” faucet is used to efficiently and economically renew water movement to the pool.

The Tekoa Forest is located just 10 minutes away from Jerusalem (Har Homa) and 10 minutes from western Gush Etzion (Southern Efrat entrance).



Location: Tekoa Junction

Directions: Park at the Tekoa Forest parking lot located at the Tekoa junction. To get to the pool, look down towards the wadi.

Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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