Mikve on the Path of the Patriarchs

The Path of the Patriarchs is steeped in history dating from the times of Abraham, the pilgrimages to the Temple, ruins from the Roman era, the battles of the Maccabees, and the War of Independence. Roman milestones, a cemented cistern, and a mikve have been found on this road.

The mikve found on the Path of the Patriarchs attests to Jewish life here in ancient times. The separating wall at the entrance to the mikve is a clear indication of the care that was taken to observe purification rituals. Alongside this mikve is another mikve that was excavated in recent years. During the Byzantine period it was used as a water cistern, because Jews no longer visited this site.

Location: Path of the Patriarchs

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הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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