Red Trail – Gush Etzion Natural Springs

Red Trail – Gush Etzion Natural Springs

Starting point: Habiyar Aqueduct

Finishing point: Habiyar Aqueduct

Route length: 27 km

Color of the trail: red

We will leave from the aqueduct and ride beside a view of the vineyards down Nahal HaPirim, turn left on a dirt path towards Route 60, with Tel Peur north of us.

We will ride on Old Route 60 heading north. Near the road leading to Neve Daniel, turn west towards Derech HaAvot (Path of the Patriarchs). We wil ascend the path and ride south along an incredible lookout of the Millstone and the ancient purifying Mikveh. We will descend to Nahal Naamanim in between the vineyards. We will ride around Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim from the north and visit the small spring, “Ein Tzurim.”

We will cross Nahal HaEtz and descend along the plateu north to Ein Abu Kalab. We will continue along the lookout to the area of the Givaot settlement and the Sanson nature preserve.

We will continue in the southwest direction. We will pass from the west through the Deer Land Farm inside a pine forest, cross Route 367, and pass the path towards “Dubek’s Cave”.

We will cross Wadi Sajma and reach Ein Sajma. We will continue to Horbat Jumjum. We will ride the steep slope to Ein Livne and ascend Nahal Livne to Ein Hubela near Old Massuot Yitzhak (from this point, you may continue riding until Ukhaf HaMuktar).

We will ascend towards Kibbutz Kfar Etzion and Route 367, pass the entrance to Kfar Etzion and head towards the direction of The Lone Oak on the dirt path. We will pass The Lone Oak and travel north towards Rosh Tzurim.

We will turn east and ascend Derech HaAvot at the Mikveh. We will turn east (right) towards HaBiyar Aqueduct and there finish the ride.

Download the travel guide here.

But before you leave – don’t forget to bring water!




Gush Etzion Tourism Office: 02-9933863

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