Mark Cakes

Mark Cakes

My name is Mark Palmer, and I am a confectioner.

The following are features I hope to express through my work: patience, discipline, creativity, and at the end a smiling face, a result of rich, sweet pastries.

Most of my work is done by hand, without machines, and I specialize in classic, tasty recipes using fresh and real ingredients…

Real vanilla, butter, pecans, espresso, patisserie cream and quality chocolate. No margarine used!

In my workshops, it is important for me to give you the relaxing, attentive experience of satisfying handiwork.

Join me for an experience of flavors and aromas – soothing and enriching your special days.

Two types of workshops are available:

Grand Workshops – four hours long, with an emphasis on building technique and professional skill

Sweet Experience Workshops – an hour and a half long, light, fun, and suitable for all ages.

Participants leave each workshop with recipes and the best sweets you have prepared.

Contact us to coordinate your ideal workshop!



Location: Tekoa Dalet, East Gush Etzion

Four-hour workshops- 300 NIS per participant, or 550 NIS per couple

Hour-and-a-half workshops- 150 NIS per participant

For more questions, please contact us!


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