Pinchas Gavriel Patisserie

Pinchas Gavriel Patisserie


Love to bake?

We invite you to join an enjoyable professional workshop filled with flavors and aromas in our baking workshops. Types of workshops: cakes,  tarts (including pastries): brioche, croissant, wrapped brioche, puff pastry. Sugar dough, chocolate, sweets, personal desserts, macaroni, mousse cakes, cheese cakes, and more.

Our Patisserie workshops are active and include full participation of the audience in the preparation of the dishes and at the end you will be rewarded for the dessert of your toil. Workshops in a homely and family atmosphere. Also suitable for organized groups. The length of the workshops is about 3-4 hours.


Location: Neve Daniel

Phone: 054-3963642

Hours: Requires advance coordination

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: pinchas_gavriel


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