Pnei Kedem Farm

The Pnei Kedem Farm is located in the Judean Desert in the Kanoch ridge, which is one of the highest ridges overlooking the Judean Desert. From the farm, Nahal Arugot, the desert and the Dead Sea are spread out in their full splendor.

At the farm we grow sheep, vines and olives, just as our forefathers raised here thousands of years ago.

The weather conditions, the landscape and the unique location of the farm make the visit here an amazing and powerful experience.

We invite you to come and enjoy a variety of unique workshops and trips.

You can take a trip to hidden corners of the desert on ATVs, a safari ride, riding on donkeys or on foot.

The guided tours and workshops are an unforgettable experience and are lead by the most experienced instructors.

The visit to the farm and the workshops prior coordination is required.

Location: Pnei Kedem

Phone: 052-346-5307

Hours: Must coordinate in advance.

E-mail: [email protected]

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הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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