Marci Weisel – Papercut Judaica Workshop

Papercut judaica workshop in Alon Shvut.

Marci Weisel resides in Alon Shvut where she produces various images and Judaica from paper cutouts.

The cutouts are handmade with patience and love, and symbolize Marci’s points of interest, moments in her personal history, and heritage of the place.

The site features a gallery of a variety of the artist’s work, a film, and group workshop lead by artist Marci Weisel.

Workshops are only available starting at a five person minimum, must be booked in advance.




Location: Lamed Heh 1, Alon Shvut

Waze: click here

Phone: 052-8119400

Hours: must coordinate in advance

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Marci Weisel Papercut Judaica

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