Eitam Farm

Come experience a meaningful Zionist experience that rests on the social bond of love of the people and the land.

A variety of activities to choose from:

Nature, Land and Tradition Activities: agricultural workshop, traditional construction workshop – dressing and building in the ground, community archeological sewing workshop

Defense and Self-Defense Activities: Military Krav Maga training, Lautar training with a long weapon / pistol, a workshop, a first-aid training workshop + training and stretchers.

Eating in the Field Activities: Gathering and Survival Workshop, Field Cooking Workshop

* Each activity take approximately two hours.

Must coordinate your visit to the farm in advance.

Waze: Eitam Farm

Address: Efrat

Phone: 050-6762602

E-mail: Tour@rjm.co.il

Facebook: Eitam Farm

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Download the tourist information booklet and the Gush Etzion tourism map!

הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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