Sfar Hamidbar March

Date: Friday, 30th of Shevat (12.2) between the hours of 10:00-14:30
Start and Finish at Sfar Hamidbar Farm
Come celebrate the impending spring in the desert with us on hikes for the whole family through mountains turning green. We will mark two years since the founding of the Sfar Hamidbar Farm and follow in the footsteps of Amos the Prophet throughout the Tekoa desert.
Two routes will leave the site:

7 km: exit to the Umm al-Amad route, where we’ll find a huge pit in the heart of the desert and a unique Byzantine monastery.

3 km light route: from Sfar Hamidbar farm to the cistern and the Nahal Tekoa observatory to the Sfar Hamidbar observatory and back.

The march will take place in accordance with Tav Hasagol guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health.

To register, click here.

If the weather is rainy, the march will be postponed for a week to Friday, 7 Adar (19.2).
For more information: contact Halva 0526071216
Participation in the march and activities- 10 NIS per participant or 50 NIS per family (4 participants or more)

In collaboration with: Gush Etzion Community Center, Kfar Etzion Field School, Tekoa Settlement, Sfar Hamidbar Farm, JNF, Gush Etzion Tourism, Gush Etzion Development Company and Sports Director.