Plan a Day of Travel in East Gush Etzion

Come plan a special day to discover all the art, desert atmosphere, and magic in east Gush Etzion!

Where to visit?

Herodium National Park 

This desert fortress is both the palace and the gravesite of King Herod. Take a fascinating archaeological tour of the site. Start your tour by viewing a short film about Herod. On Fridays, you can join a guided tour at no additional fee. Detailed instructions on how to get there can be found on the Parks and Nature Authority site.
Location: Eastern Gush Etzion. Waze: click here
Phone: 02-5953591
Website: גן לאומי הרודיון

Haritoun Cave

Starting point: Tekoa | End point: Tekoa
In 1969 a group of volunteers from the Jerusalem branch of the Society for the Protection of Nature, headed by Gideon Mann, set out to comprehensively map this cave. They produced an accurate and detailed map that included every traversable cavern and tunnel. It turned out that the cave is far larger and more complex than they originally assumed. Here are some statistics: The depth of the cave (in other words, the distance from the entrance to its furthest point) is some 400 meters. The combined length of the tunnels is approximately 4 kilometers. There are 55 caverns and rooms. The cave is on 4 levels, but the differences in height are not uniform. In some places there is a  difference of up to 3 meters between the first and second levels, up to 7 meters between the second and third levels, and up to 12 meters between the third and fourth levels. As previously mentioned, the aim of the volunteers was to draw a detailed and accurate map of the cave, not to study it. Now that the map exists,  we hope scientists and researchers will utilize it in order to examine its geology, the remnants of past history to be found here, the living creatures that populate it, and more.
Entrance to the cave is only permitted with experienced guides. Book a guide through the Kfar Etzion Field School: 02-9935133

Shlomo’s Animals

When was that last time you held a two meter long lizard?! A four meter snake?! Huge tarantula? Pet rabbits and chicks…feed a camel…ride a donkey? Shlomo’s Animals is an exotic animal farm with over 100 different species from Israel and all over the world. At the farm you will enjoy: Children’s petting corner, sitting area, shade, snacks stand, tutorials, explanations, and a rare opportunity to feel and see some of the world’s rarest animals!! New at Shlomo’s Animals– Camel riding for 20 nis! Shlomo’s Pets is also available to travel to you for birthday parties, school activities and other occasions for all ages.
Located at Sde Bar Farm. Waze- click here
Phone: Shlomo- 055-6660897 | 0525709464 | 0527170962 | 02-5020188
Email: [email protected]
Website: Shlomo’s animals

Sfar Hamidbar Farm

An agricultural farm, traditional building, ancient crafts, and music in the spirit of Sfar Hamidbar! The farm is located in the crease of the Judean Hills and the Judean Desert, a unique area that invokes interpersonal connections. Sfar HaMidbar offers a hospitality tent for group stays and small events, including new bathrooms and showers. In addition, the farm offers a wide range of ancient crafts and traditional building workshops as well as music workshops. A wide range of activities for lovers of Middle Eastern culture, traditional arts and music.
Location: Tekoa Daled. Waze- click here
Phone: Noam- 054-6446223 | Amichai- 052-2355416
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: חוות ספר המדבר

Tekoa Horse Ranch

Horseback riding in Tekoa. Imagine breathtaking views, the quiet and a lot of horses…
Location: Tekoa. Waze- click here
Phone: 052-6636125
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:00-19:00 | Fri 8:00-13:00



Jean-Pierre Weill

Jean-Pierre Weill is a French-American artist who moved to Israel a few years ago. He paints on multiple levels of glass, creating a three-dimensional image in a technique that is both simple and unique. The results are stunning. Since moving to Israel, his two daughters, Davida and Safira, have joined him and today, they work together in their studio in Tekoa. Jean-Pierre Weill Studios artwork is exhibited in prime locations in Israel: In Mamilla Boulevard in Jerusalem, Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, and the Artist’s Colony in Safed. We are always happy to receive visitors and are open every day from Sunday – Thursday 9:00-16:00, except Wednesdays. If you are planning a visit, call in advance. Groups are welcome. Special discounts on the artwork are available to studio visitors. We look forward to meeting you!
Location: Tekoa. Waze- click here
Phone: 054-2649499
Email: [email protected]
Website: ז’אן-פייר ווייל

Where to eat?


A new cafe in the heart of Tekoa, overlooking the breathtaking view of the Judean Desert. Come enjoy freshly baked sourdough bread and a variety of meals including breakfasts, salads, pastas, chef sandwiches, kids meals and an Italian oven!
Location: Tekoa Shopping Center. Wazeclick here
Phone: 054-8883554
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:00 | Friday 8:30-13:00
 [email protected]
Kashrut: Mehadrin Gush Etzion

Where to sleep?

Villa Herodion

Enjoy the luxuries and VIP treatment in a gorgeous, private villa and have your celebration at one of the most unique event venues – less than 30 minutes from Jerusalem’s center.  Villa Herodion now also offers overnight sleeping so you can more fully enjoy the beautiful accommodations and breathtaking views.Villa Herodion features spectacular Judean mountain and Herodion views, a beautifully landscaped backyard, swimming pool, large grass play area, and bonfire pit.  All combined with an exquisite indoor Mediterranean-inspired colorful decor, Jerusalem stone arches & artistic finishings.  The perfect ambiance for an unforgettable, first-class experience of Israel – making this villa a special place you will want to come back to again and again.
Location: Tekoa. Waze – click here
Price: between 3500-4500 shekels depending on season, 2 night minimum.Sleeps 10-15 guests depending on age of children. Contact for more details.
Phone: 052-2210399
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: וילה הרודיון

On a hilltop overlooking the vast and magnificent Judean Desert, within the small community of Tekoa Dalet and on the grounds of our small eco-farm, we’ve transformed an antique bus into a cozy vacation cabin. Outdoors it’s all rugged and pristine, but inside the bus it’s as comfortable and convenient as can be. And only a 20-minute drive from Jerusalem!
Weekdays: 450 NIS/night | Weekends: 550 NIS/night
Phone: 0546940193 | 0506980007
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: האוטובוס שלנו גדול וירוק

Finjan Han

A unique caravanserai for small events and overnight stays in Tekoa Daled. The caravanserai was hand-built  with love, using all natural and local materials overlooking the breathtaking view of the Judean Desert and Tekoa River. Overnight stays for up to 40 people on weekdays or weekends. Option to order a workshop and learn how to weave baskets or another hand craft.
Location: Tekoa Daled. Waze – click here
Phone: Eliyahu-  052-6698857 | Sara- 052-3825200
Email: [email protected]

Swim with a View @ Ranel

The Swim with a View @ Ranel is a private ground floor space in a stone villa in the Yehuda hills, with a secluded private heated pool, popular with visitors and locals alike for its cool temperatures in the summer evenings, clean air, and splendid views of the desert and the Dead Sea.  Guests can relax in our indoor heated pool and enjoy a panoramic view from the large private outdoor terrace. There is one large double bedroom with a bathroom and a shower. Our spacious terrace is perfect for sun-bathing and relaxing during the warmer summer months. Breakfast can be ordered with advance notice.  The space is wheelchair accessible.
Location: Pnei Kedem. Waze- click here
350 nis for two hours of swimming | 700 nis for private pool and tzimmer
Phone: Ranel-  052-8591491

Nof Herodion Zimmer

A magical and pampering tzimmer for a couple in Tekoa. Suitable for couples only.
Location: Tekoa. Waze – click here
Weekdays:700 nis | Weekends: 750 nis
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: צימר נוף הרודיון