The Magic Bus

On a hilltop overlooking the vast and magnificent Judean Desert, within the small community of Tekoa Dalet and on the grounds of our small eco-farm, we’ve transformed an antique bus into a cozy vacation cabin. Outdoors it’s all rugged and pristine, but inside the bus it’s as comfortable and convenient as can be. And only a 20 minute drive from Jerusalem!

Looking forward to hosting you,
Shimon and Shira Palmer

Location: Tekoa


Weekdays: 450 NIS/night

Weekends: 550 NIS/night

Phone:  05469401930506980007

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook:  The Magic Bus

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Download the tourist information booklet and the Gush Etzion tourism map!

הורדת החוברת הורדת המפות

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