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Everything is so delicious. Burgers are like in Texas. Shawarma is better than the Shawarma in Istanbul.

Hot falafel that reminds you of heaven.

Everything is served hot, fresh and fast!


Why do people like to eat Rafi’s so much?

When we opened Rafi’s we thought of you – those who really want to eat delicious food.

We dreamed of people who come to the restaurant and really want to enjoy themselves.

The first thing that hits you when you reach the intersection of Zomet HaGush and approach Rafi’s is the smell!

The aroma of the Shawarma being slowly roasted on a vertical rotisserie grill, together with the smoke of the spicy skewers burning on the grill, which mix with the intoxicating smells that rise from the oven of the pitas are maddening to the senses.

The realization that in a few minutes we will pack all this goodness for you in a lafa, baguette or a pita activates the stomach juices and causes a slight impatience…

But then the dish arrives…

Boiling, fresh, full of meat or falafel, with fresh chopped salad, spread with Rafi’s hummus.

Every bite is an experience. Every bite is heaven.

Our secret lies in the use of the finest raw materials, freshness and the love we invest in every dish we serve.

Perfect accuracy in flavors! how fun! Just a pleasure!!!

When we closed our eyes, we imagined you just like that, with a smile of happiness, satisfied with yourself and life and waiting for your next visit to Rafi’s, because you deserve to enjoy yourself

Location: Gush Etzion Junction

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Phone: 02-6500144 | 058-6688800

Hours: Sunday-Thursday- 11:00-21:00 | Friday- 9:30-13:30

Facebook: רפי’ס אוכל ישראלי

Website: rafisplace.com

Rabbanut Mehadrin Gush Etzion

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