Day after day for 30 years, we at “Pinati” restaurants chain serving authentic Jerusalem food and getting excited every time.

In an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, juicy meat meals, the legendary hummus and a variety of home-made dishes await you in the pinati restaurant of Gush Etzion, which will bring back delicious memories of your mother’s house.

Just like at home, the dedicated staff of Pinati will quickly serve a hot, tasty and satisfying meal to your table, At prices that make you want more.

Beyond the meat delights, one of the hallmarks of Pinati is of course the hummus, produced on site by a loving hand.

At the Gush Etzion branch you can hold events for up to 50 guests and enjoy a double celebration, wrapped in the warm relationship, the authentic atmosphere and food that makes the heart feel good.

In addition to the restaurant services during the week, every Friday we will be waiting for you with a prepared food fair rich in delicacies in honor of Shabbat at great prices and a selection that is suitable for the whole family.

Waiting for you!

Address: “Chatzer Hakfar”, Kibbutz Kfar Etzion
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Fri 08:00-14:30 (Pre-cooked shabbat meals)
Saturday night: One hour after Shabbat ends until 23:00

Mehadrin Gush Etzion

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