Ishtabach-Kurdish & Syrian Restaurant

Ishtabach is a small restaurant with a café atmosphere, located in Kfar Etzion. It serves only one specialty, Shamburak, prepared and cooked to order. While you are waiting you can nibble on a few simple salad appetizers: olives, carrots, pickles and a matbucha. The Shamburak is a Kurdish turnover made with a homemade dough, baked in the taboun and stuffed with diverse meat specialties all of which are long simmered. Menu options include Shamburak with veal cheek, crusty dough, and melt in your mouth burning hot meat, ideally seasoned with a delicate layer of potatoes, or brisket Shamburak, with meat that is slightly drier, beef tongue or chicken Shamburak, smoked beef, or vegetarian Shamburak. The delicious Kurdish-Syrian street food specialty is a complete meal served with a house wine or one of the several beers on the menu.

Location: Kfar Etzion Shopping Center

Waze: click here

Phone: 02-9935343


Sunday-Thursday 11:00-22:00 | Friday 11:00-14:00 | Saturday night: One hour after Shabbat ends until 23:00

E-mail: [email protected]


Badatz Beit Yosef

Rabbanut Mehadrin Gush Etzion

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