Biyar Aqueduct

The Biyar Aqueduct was built by King Herod during the Second Temple Period to supply water to Jerusalem.

A watery, enjoyable hike awaits you in the underground tunnel. The Aqueduct is part of the water system constructed by Herod to convey water to Jerusalem and the Temple. During the course of your hike you will walk through a tunnel whose flowing waters are thigh-high.

(Make sure you equip yourself with a flashlight, a change of clothes, and water shoes).


מיקום:על כביש 60 לכיוון דרום. אחרי היישוב אלעזר.

Location: On Route 60 south, just after Elazar

Price: Regular- 20 nis/ person ages 3 and up, Group- 15 nis/person

שעות פתיחה: ימים א-ה : 9:00-18:00 (כניסה מאוחרת יותר בתיאום מראש) | ימי שישי:  9:00-14:00

Hours: Summer time Sunday-Thursday 9:00-18:00 | Friday 9:00-14:00

Winter time: must coordinate in advance.

Phone: 02-9935133


Website: אמת הביאר


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