Atnachtah boutique cabins, at the end of the village, in the lap of nature, breathtaking scenery, quiet, ambience, close to restaurants, synagogues and hiking trails.

Three tzimmers available: Nof, Guy and Har.

Nof- Couples with up to two kids.

Har- Couples only.

Guy- Couples only.


Address: Bat Ayin Bet


Weekdays (Sunday-Wednesday): 

Tzimmer Guy- 600 NIS | Tzimmer Har- 650 NIS | Tzimmer Nof- 700 NIS


Tzimmer Guy- 700 NIS | Tzimmer Har- 750 NIS | Tzimmer Nof- 800 NIS

* For guests staying over Shabbat – An additional night on Saturday night at half price!

* 100 nis/person for a child 1 year or older in the Har Zimmer.

* The zimmers are designated for married couples.


Phone: 052-8109471

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here


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